Two Stars Are Brighter Than One

The past week I have been more inspired than ever to conquer Los Angeles. I was really doubtful the past few months, going to countless auditions, not getting callbacks, getting not so big gigs. I was so down that I even cancelled on a gig I had booked with Ray Ban because I just wasn’t inspired and feeling like myself. That has all changed. This week has been so huge and exciting. It started with getting a few auditions last week, and my first speaking line audition. It was pretty nerve-wracking, but exciting. I never got the part, but the fact that I was able to go in front of casting people and cameras and do my thing …. I was like who is this girl?

Anyways, the day after my debut as a speaking actor I was cast in one of Chris Browns new music videos. I was like ‘Yes Yes Yasssssss‘. I mean Chris Brown is HUGE. I was able to get my roommate cast as well, so the day comes and we get to set. I don’t want to give too much away about this video, but all I have to say about my experience that day working with Chris Brown was amazing. He was so into the creative process, joking with everyone, and was acting like a boss. It was so hot. I now have a urging crush on that man. And his dancing, *HEART EYES*.

After the first Chris Brown video I was on a role. The next week I had so many gigs I had to triple book some days. I loved it, being busy, heading to multiple sets a day. I was like “I’m the real deal here”

Transviolet Music Video Shoot:

Dev Music Video Shoot:

I had filmed two other music videos, and a commercial within two days when I got an email if I am available Saturday (in two days) for another Chris Brown video featuring French Montana. This would be a small set, only 10 other actors. I was freaking out. My roommate again was booked as well. The call time was for 6:30AM. (Ouch) We get to set, sit around for a while, and a while more. Finally time to start, and without giving out any information about this video – Actually I’m just not going to say anything. Y’all just need to wait to see it, but it was crazy. I get to do some huge expressions, and scream.

The wardrobe stylist snapped some photos of me. Check out his Instagram @rockwellcm

It is now Sunday (off day), and as I write this laying in bed with my coffee listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast, I am so inspired and excited about life. I have one more music video tomorrow that I am featured in before I leave for Minnesota for a week. I haven’t been home for Thanksgiving in a few years, so I can’t wait to be with all my family and friends this week, and eat so much!

Two Stars Are Brighter Than One